Friday, November 9, 2012

More Space

With an expanding collection comes the need for more space. We finally finished installing a shelf above the windows in our kitchen eating area, and hung the rest of the scando goat fabric as a valance. In addition to the Figgjo Saga pieces here, there is an old Stavangerflint pitcher with some peacock-like birds. Outside the photo are our Dansk teak ice buckets and some coffee sets from Figgjo, Dansk and Stavangerflint.

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  1. Hello Norseman,

    Greetings from Norway! I see that you collect Norwegian stoneware etc. I work at a second hand shop at Nedenes in Arendal. I found your blog via a Google search for Stavanger Flint.

    It seems like you know your stuff, so I wondered if you by any chance know anything about a rounded triangular SF wall platter with a naivistic decor showing a man in a hammock and a woman in a pink dress. I suspect Inger Waage, but the stamp is just the plain green SF with flint axe.

    I am going to continue searching for more info, but if you happen to know anything about this I'd greatly appreciate your help. My e-mail address is