Saturday, July 14, 2012

Odin and Tor

We just got the Odin - now we just need Frøya! These are carved by Henning of Norway. The Tor is older and has a much rougher carving style, which I like. The base of it is marked with two stamps that read "Carved by hand in Norway". The newer Odin is marked "Henning Carved by hand in Norway".


  1. Hello!

    I just stumbled across this site searching for more information regarding Porsgrund China. I have found a set of finger bowls desined by Anne Marie Odegaard and Conrad Galaaen called THE OLD STORY? The finger bowls are in pristine condition but I do not have the POEM that was included in the box that contained these darling little bowls. HELP! Do you know the story? I have searched on-line to no avail and it's making me nuts! If you have any information about the poem THE OLD STORY would you be so kind and post it here? Thank you so much-Love your blog!!

    From the Great North Woods of Michigan

  2. Hi thanks for your comment! I did some searching online and found this:

    Each plate has a poem that accompanies it. The first is: Modern Adam, modern Eve, Seventeen, they'll never grieve, Age of luck an love forever Growing older? Never, never.

    The second is: Modern Adam, modern Eve, Life has pretty much to give, Making children, home, career, Getting righer year by year.

    The third is: Poor old Adam, poor old Eve, Soon they must prepare to leave, Leaving proudly to their nation, a large increase in population.