Saturday, March 26, 2011

Figgjo Flint Norge Bowl

We went antiquing today and this was the only result, but it was a good one!  We hardly ever find this Norge pattern by Figgjo Flint, and love it. The bowl has three "sides," one with a woman and goat, one with a woman churning butter, and one with a man planting seed.

I love the little storage house, too.

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  1. I inherited a similar bowl from my recently deceased aunt whose husband was of Norwegian ancestry, and it probably belonged to his mother. My bowl has the girl holding the goat, the man planting seeds and woman picking apples, a man walking a horse and two men next to a fire. Unfortunately, my bowl was broken to pieces during shipping, and I am wondering if there is any way to place a monetary value on it so that I can file a claim with the carrier. I'm also wondering if you know the approximate age of the piece and how rare it is.

    Mary Murphy, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida