Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elle Norway Plate

I have a few plates with this simple floral design, and I really like them. Based on my understanding of the back markings, the shape number for this size plate is 550; the original designer is "MI" (their initials?); and the person who actually painted this piece is "P."  I saw another example of this plate and design with identical markings but a different painter, and both places had the number 2113, so I wonder if that is the number of this particular design-?

I have two other examples in yellow that I'll post in the coming days.


  1. Hello.
    550 is the shape, while M1 is the decor. Are not sure what the numbers stand for, but it is typical of things that Elle exported to the USA. Can check in my archives, has more than 900 objects, and check if I find an explanation.
    Regards TroBen1958 :-)

  2. There is one for sale on eBay,
    in reddish-pink shades. item no. 400649823109