Thursday, March 24, 2011

Elle Norway Plate

Another of my plates with the stylized flowers designed by MI (or M1?). This one is larger than yesterday's and had a different painter - I like the work of "S" on this plate a little bit more!  


  1. Hello.
    Have checked a bit about this with the number on Elle objects. It must be the shape the number stands for. I also have 3 of the shape 550 that has the number 2113, but they have different decors. Numbers on Elle, I have found only on items that are exported. Signature S. I believe stands for Birgitte Skyttern.

  2. Hello - thanks again for your help! Do you think my rectangular tray is also Elle? I think it has to be based on the design, but I wasn't sure about the blank back - maybe it was produced for Norway (not export)?