Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stavangerflint Plate

The other antique shop find from the weekend is this Stavangerflint plate. I was very taken with the traditional design on it, something you don't often see on Stavangerflint pieces, which tend to have more typical mid-century designs.

The logo on the back has the mysterious mark, this one is a star at about the 8:00 position.  I don't know who the artist of this was.


  1. I have some cups and saucers with this design and the same logo in the middle...I think they are from the 1950s rather than earlier.

  2. Hey. I know that some danish producers of porcelain etc. used stars, dots, lines etc. under or over the letters in the mark, these small marks indicates the exact year the item was made. Unfortunately Stavanger Flint Didn't use the markingsystem consistent.

    Best Regards Henrik from Denmark. (

  3. My in-laws had this dinnerware, they married in 1955, so I assume the yer would be approx. that year