Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Finds

Our day-after-Thanksgiving shopping is much more low-key than the crazy 4:00 AM sales.  Since I was little (sometime in the 1970s), we have gone to a warehouse sale put on by a Scandinavian importer.  When it first started, their shop was in an old building near downtown, and the basement was filled with boxes of goods - Porsgrund, tomten, candles, straw ornaments - and I remember often being the only people there. They have since moved to larger buildings in the suburbs and their sales are attended by many more people.  The tradition lately has us starting at the warehouse sale, and then going to our local Scandinavian gift shop, Ingebretsen's, so look for anything else we might "need," and to see what kind of deals we got.  My grandma always used to buy little wood and fabric tomten to give to us kids, and every year I still buy one for myself in her memory.  Here's this year's:

And this is one of our impulse bargains.  A Porsgrund pitcher with the Freia chocolate company logo.  The date on the bottom looks like 1994.

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