Monday, November 15, 2010

Figgjo Saga Mugs

A few days ago I posted a Figgjo Saga Plaque that was only half of a larger scene.  I found the two complete scenes on a pair of mugs.  It's interesting that the silkscreen for the second scene is identical to the silkscreen for the plaque - Figgjo used the same glazing stencils and silkscreens on multiple shapes.  Lots of pictures today.

The second mug is below.  The only difference between the plaque and the mugs are the addition of the vertical rows of leaves by the handles.

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  1. My grandmother had the Figgjo Saga dishes for her everyday dishes. My daughter has them and cherishes them. Her husband wants more mugs but hard to find. A friend of my mother's has the blue version and still uses them. They were all bought in Canada in the 50's or eaqrly 60's.