Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Turi-Design Lotte Set

The Lotte pattern, designed by Turi Gramstad Oliver, is another line that features fantastic 1960s images.  Whenever I see these, I think of the opening credits of old British sitcom "Good Neighbors" (or "The Good Life" as it was called in the UK) - they're not actually that similar, but for some reason they're just linked in my memory.  Turi started at Figgjo in 1960, but I don't know when this pattern was introduced.  We visited the Figgjo AS factory and shop this past spring, and they had a book on the history of the company.  We didn't buy it because it was in Norwegian, but I'm kicking myself now... I guess we'll just have to go back.

This is a salt and pepper set with a tray and small jam (syltetøy) jar.  The marks on the salt and pepper shakers simply say "Made in Norway," but the tray and jar have the full Figgjo mark with the name of the pattern, handpainted silkscreen, and turi-design.


  1. Hello

    I have had since 1971 a turi-design, Lotte bowl with cover, can I send a photo somehow?

    It is a partridgeberry pot for the last 40 years and recently the thin section at the edge of the handle holes on the top rim cracked through but so far is not more broken.

    I guess they don't make them anymore, eh?
    I'd spring for a replacement if there was one.

  2. Where can i purchase a new Turi Lotte tea pot or coffee pot? I live in Melbourne, Australia.