Monday, September 13, 2010

Porsgrund "The Old Story"

The middle dish was my grandma's, and it wasn't until recently that I discovered it was part of a set.  The three dishes were made by the Porsgrund porcelain company and are called "The Old Story."  The first shows a couple like Adam and Eve, complete with apple tree and snake.  Next the couple have a small child, a house, and a cat.  Finally, the couple is older and joined by their children and grandchildren.  The dishes were designed by Anne Marie Odegaard and Konrad Galaaen and are glazed in a flow-blue-like glaze.  Apparently the three dishes were sold together in a box with a short poem called "The Old Story."

Each of my three dishes has a different mark on the back.  Each dish has the Porsgrund logo with the anchor, PP, and Norway.  The other two dishes have the years of manufacture:  70 and 68.  Each dish also has it's code number:  All of them have M.2303; under that they have (from left to right) D.78009, D.78010, and D.78011.


  1. I just posted a comment about these darling little finger bowls-and I am hoping you will see it!---I have been searching on-line, to no avail, the story behind these bowls that was included when they were purchased called "The Old Story." If you know the poem I sure would like to see it posted...Thank you!

  2. I posted this in response to your other comment, but am adding it here, too. :)

    Each plate has a poem that accompanies it. The first is: Modern Adam, modern Eve, Seventeen, they'll never grieve, Age of luck an love forever Growing older? Never, never.

    The second is: Modern Adam, modern Eve, Life has pretty much to give, Making children, home, career, Getting righer year by year.

    The third is: Poor old Adam, poor old Eve, Soon they must prepare to leave, Leaving proudly to their nation, a large increase in population.