Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Mystery Vase

I found this small vase yesterday, and a new mystery developed.  The style and clay color are very similar to my other Elle studio pieces, including my two previous posts, but the bottom is only marked with "Hand Made in Norway" and the shape/design numbers.  The same antique store had a mug with similar glaze techniques and red clay, also with "Hand Made in Norway" and a shape/design number on the bottom, but it had a sticker for the Graverens pottery factory in Sandnes, Norway.  So now I have to say I don't know who made this!  Perhaps the same artist, but working at different studios - or this is just a typical style of the time and place. It's frustrating that there seems to be a lack of online information on these Norwegian studios.

I found the goat runner fabric at a local Scandinavian wholesaler's warehouse sale.

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  1. Hi :-)
    This item, I am pretty sure, is from Graveren.
    Elle has never 3 numbers in the description of the decor. 949 shape at Elle is a big urn.
    Some decors from different factories in Norway are quite similar, and some artists also worked in several of the factories.