Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More from Mother's Day

More from our Mother's Day dinner with my parents - we broke out a bunch of the Scando dishes...our new Rune dishes by Nissen (designed by Jens Harald Quistgaard), the Fjord silverware by Dansk (JHQ), and Iittala glassware (Ultima Thule (Taipo Wirkkala) and Essence (Alfredo Häberli)). The centerpiece has Relief candleholders by Kronjyden and Dansk glass vases (both JHQ).

We served roasted cauliflower with capers golden raisins (a Lucinda Scala Quinn recipe) in the fun mod Upsala Ekeby dish.

Just a few snacks before dinner.  The cheeseboard is Dansk (JHQ), the glass-handled knife is by Lindshammar, and the little dish with the crackers is the Mons og Mille pattern by Figgjo Flint (Turi Gramstad Oliver).

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