Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Elle Norsk Bottle Vase

My cousin Nancy gave me this Elle vase for Christmas.  I have another vase in this same shape and both have the numbers 927 BS, so I assume that is the shape number.  The artist's initial here is "S."

The Elle Keramikk AS studio/factory was located in Drøbak, Norway between 1942 and 1967.  I know three of the decorators were Reidar Finsrud, Gun von Wittrock (married name Gunvor Norem), and Einar Basteson, but I haven't been able to match the signatures on any of my pieces of Elle to these names.


  1. Hi:-)
    927 is as you assume the shape of this vase, and
    the artist I think is Birgitte Skyttern.

  2. Hi there - thanks so much for identifying some of these artist! It has always been such a mystery to me...

  3. A year and a half later but the same comment - I have identified my vase too!! Many Thanks.