Sunday, January 30, 2011

Carl Olaf Olsen

We found this dish at an antique store today.  I googled the name and found that he is still working and has a shop in Sandnes.  Can't wait to visit when I'm back in Norway!  

I love the simple form and rich glazes.  The circle motif on the outside caused little dimples on the inside, creating a nice pattern in the glaze.

Carl Olaf Olsen, Keramisk verksted, Stavanger, Norway
Carl Olaf Olsen, ceramic workshop, Stavanger, Norway


  1. I worked with Carl Olaf back in the early 70's in Sandnes. I continue to keep in contact with him. He is still active making pots. I was searching his name to see what he was up to & came across your post. Nice to see his work again.
    j in western WI

  2. Hello, and thanks for your comment! I came across this piece quite by chance and didn't know anything about him until I got home a googled his name. If you are in contact with him soon, let him know he has a fan here! I was in Sandnes briefly in the spring of 2010 - hopefully when I get back I can seek out his work and/or shop.

  3. My name is Keith Pettersen I live in New Jersey Carl is my cousin, and i have a collection of his keramikk, he is the best i can be reached at