Monday, October 11, 2010

Stavangerflint Syltetøy Jar

This was my grandma's covered syltetøy jar.  The bottom is marked only with the Stavangerflint logo and "Norway."  I don't know who this designer was.

You'll notice the small smudge at about 3:00 on the Stavangerflint logo.  I used to think those were just smudges, but I recently read that there was a pattern to them - but no one seems to know what that pattern was!  One contemporary pottery studio, Ephraim Faience from Wisconsin, uses a similar method to indicate the year of production (a hatch-mark at 3:00 meant it was produced in 2003).  I assume the Stavangerflint mark was used in a similar manner.  The glaze marks seem more prevalent on the older pieces.  Now we just have to find out what they considered year-zero.


  1. Hi, I thought you'd like to know that the dot next to the L means that it was produced in 1964. I have the same jar, but mine has a dot by the A at 8:00.

  2. Hi again! I'm currently doing a bit of research on Stavangerflint, and I thought I'd tell you that the jar was designed by the famous designer Anne Lofthus (1932-2003). She worked at Stavangerflint from 1959 to 1963. I haven't found any name for the design, but apparenly it was also made in all blue.