Friday, October 15, 2010

Rörstrand Bears - Friday Fun

Another Swedish bear (or two), this one a bit finer quality.  I gave this to my partner for Christmas a few years ago, but then lost track of its information, so all I knew was that it was made by Rörstrand.  The base has the artist's initials (KG), but search engines only recognize that as "kilograms!"  I finally had success recently and found out KG stands for Karl Grössl, who was at Rörstrand for only a few years - 1936 to 1939, which makes these much older than I thought.

I particularly like the glaze on this - the brown has nice variations in color, and thinner parts let the white porcelain show through in places, while other parts have big drips of glaze.  The glaze is quite smooth, too.

This originally may have been attached to a small wooden base.


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