Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Stavangerflint Snack Set

Four of these fantastic snack sets with Kåre Berven Fjeldsaa's Viking design on them. I haven't seen this peaceful, relaxed viking with a flower on any other pieces before, and also didn't know that they made a snack set in this pattern. We also have another snack set with the same plate and mug shapes, but a design by Anne Lofthus.


  1. That`s a wonderful piece! Is there any Decoration on the cup?

  2. What a great set! I collect this design by Kåre Berven Fjeldsaa, but in the Brunette pattern (or color, rather, as the only pattern is the relief on the edges). I've never seen it with this decor before, imagine a peaceful viking:-) Head on over to my blog, I've awarded you!

  3. Love your site! Thanks for the info! Just listing a lovely dish on EBay now! See link below