Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fall into Winter

The end of the year certainly has a lot going on!  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's, the mundane parts of life seem to have taken over.  I'm also starting to wonder if my focus here on ceramics is too limiting, and if that's why my updates here have been so sparse of late.  As I look around my house, I realize there are Scandinavian influences everywhere - so, I think in the new year I'm going to start sharing a little bit more than just ceramics (well, I'm going to make it official...I've already had a few non-pottery posts).  

About these pictures:  We used a few different Dansk candleholders for the first time - the brass candlesticks in early December, and the taper crown for Christmas dinner.  

We also completed our collection of Lisa Larson Advent candleholders.  The marks on the bases are not all the same:  the boys have the original Gustavsberg marks, but the girls are marked Rörstrand.  

Christmas Eve dinner was at my parents' house on their lovely Porsgrund Hearts and Pines.

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