Friday, September 2, 2011

Elle Vase

Small Elle pottery vase (and cats).  The artist was Birgitte Skyttern, the shape of this vase is 929.

One of the best things about Elle pottery is how "Elle" is written on the bottom.  If you're not familiar with the company, the name isn't always easy to read, so if you use some creative eBay searches you can usually find pieces that are listed wrong.  For example, pieces with this signature are sometimes listed as E''E. 

Now I've given away one of my secrets...


  1. Hello. Yes, this is a beautiful vase. You write that it is made by Birgitte Skyttern, but the signature says it has shape 929 + decor B5. Have a good part of the decor and it varies depending on color. I have the following: B6 = Yellow, Red = B5, B4 = Blue.
    Elle Keramikk, TroBen1958 :-)

  2. Oooh - I don't think I'll ever get it! :) I new it looked like B5, but I thought the B looked like Birgette's B. Oh well....