Friday, February 18, 2011

Telemark Vase

Update:  Thanks to a reader comment, I now know that the maker was Brødrene Vaaten (the Vaaten Brothers), and the mark on the bottom is actually Br. V.

This is a recent eBay find.  I'm not sure who made it, but the marks on the base are similar to the Terra pieces that I have, but I don't know what "BIV" means, or if that's what it says.


  1. Hello.
    Yes, you are right it looks much like Terra but
    the signature here is Br.V Norway who are Brødrene Vaaten,(Brothers Vaaten). The two brothers, Arne and Knut Vaaten started the workshop in Drammen in 1950 and worked alone until they took over Terra Keramikk in 1956. The workshop was driven to the late 70's as Terra Keramikk. I have retrieved the source from the norwegian book: Moderne antikviteter.

  2. Thanks again for giving me great information! I've been looking for that book, and hope to get it soon.